Family Law

At McLachlan Thorpe Partners we provide our clients with guidance during the difficult period of a relationship breakdown. We ensure that our clients are provided with the necessary support and information to assist them to reach a resolution of Family Law parenting and property matters, either through non-adversarial processes such as Mediation or Round Table Conferences, or through the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Our Family Law Team has extensive experience with difficult property matters involving family trusts and complex business structures. 

We maintain close associations with senior and junior members of the Family Law Bar, together with expert witnesses within fields ranging from forensic accountants, property valuers and family therapists and psychologists. We ensure that our clients are kept up to date with respect to their matters at all times, and that they are provided with all relevant information and guidance prior to making any major decisions about such personal areas of their lives. We support our clients through the whole process.

McLachlan Thorpe Partners provide a number of legal services in this area, including:



Child Support

Related Matters



From 23 November 2023, the legal practice of Church & Grace will be incorporated as part of McLachlan Thorpe Partners. Both Church & Grace and McLachlan Thorpe Partners are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the high standards of service and relationship you have come to expect from both firms. Click here for more information.