Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

McLachlan Thorpe Partners understands the importance of careful consideration of the facts. Our team focuses on presenting alternative strategies for resolving litigious disputes.

Commercial litigation is a field in which businesses can bring legal action against each other. It is often used as a way of resolving issues such as breach of contract, copyright infringement, and trademark infringement. Commercial litigation can take place in various venues including state and federal courts.

The Commercial litigation team at McLachlan Thorpe Partners is adept at dealing with Commercial law disputes of any complexity when they arise, and we work closely with each client to achieve the best possible outcome in the dispute.

McLachlan Thorpe Partners provide a number of legal services in this area, including:

Litigation by its nature is stressful, and has an impact on peoples’ lives emotionally and financially. We understand that impact and strive to lessen the burden by being on top of our game, efficient and focussed.

From 23 November 2023, the legal practice of Church & Grace will be incorporated as part of McLachlan Thorpe Partners. Both Church & Grace and McLachlan Thorpe Partners are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the high standards of service and relationship you have come to expect from both firms. Click here for more information.