Andrew ThorpePartner

Andrew Thorpe started his career in 1979. He was a partner in a mid-tier firm by the age 30, left to start his own practice, and is a founding partner of McLachlan Thorpe Partners.

Trained in Commercial Law, Property Law and Litigation, for the last 20 years, Andrew has focused principally on Commercial Litigation.

Andrew’s experience covers virtually all NSW State Courts and Federal Courts, and a wide range of subject areas such as contracts, trade practices, corporations and estate matters, building and construction, insolvency, insurance claims, professional negligence, defamation, copyright and prosecutions by regulators.

Andrew also has experience in running large cases involving teams of up to 10 lawyers.  He did so on behalf of a long standing client, Jim Selim of Pan Pharmaceuticals, who obtained a $55M settlement of his claim against the Government, followed by a class action against the Government for the customers of Pan which led to a payout of $67.5M.

Andrew now leads the Litigation team providing strategic advice and direction on a range of different matters being handled by various members of the team.

Andrew also practices as a professional facilitator as an adjunct to his legal practice.  Facilitation is the process of meeting with opposing parties who are engaged in litigation against each other, or about to do so, and helping them achieve a settlement, at a very low cost.  The essential difference to mediation is that professional facilitation takes place in the absence of the parties’ lawyers.  Any settlement reached can be binding or non-binding, and Andrew drafts the terms of settlement as part of the service.  As a facilitator, Andrew applies legal analysis to the issues, listens carefully to opposing points of view, and helps people move towards a common position with tact and neutrality.  It is a cheaper alternative to mediation with more flexibility.