Suzanne Young

Special Counsel

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Suzanne joined McLachlan Thorpe Partners in July 2015. She is an experienced solicitor and has worked exclusively in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate and Administration, and Estate Litigation over the last 20 years.

Building relationships is an integral part of Suzanne’s work, whether it is with clients, Counsel or other professional advisors, so as to always ensure the best possible outcome for her clients’ individual circumstances. Suzanne believes in a holistic approach to assisting her clients and finding practical solutions for them.

Her Estate Planning work includes advising clients as well as drafting the necessary documents to implement her client’s often complex testamentary wishes. Suzanne is passionate about the importance of individually tailored Estate Planning documents following thorough consultation with her clients.

Suzanne understands how difficult it can be following the death of a loved one and she assists her Executor clients with compassion and efficiency in advising and guiding them in administering the Estate.

Suzanne has acted for both Plaintiffs and Executor Defendants in many Estate Litigation matters. Her work includes advising clients as well as acting for them in settlement negotiations, court appointed or private mediations and Supreme Court proceedings.

Suzanne works closely with her clients to guide them through the often difficult legal process which is exacerbated by complex family dynamics.

Suzanne is a Notary Public.

Practice Areas

From 23 November 2023, the legal practice of Church & Grace will be incorporated as part of McLachlan Thorpe Partners. Both Church & Grace and McLachlan Thorpe Partners are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the high standards of service and relationship you have come to expect from both firms. Click here for more information.